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TEAM Group will collaborate for the 7th Season of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH)

An MOU has been signed today on 10th October, 2019 between Bangladesh Textile Today and TEAM Group for collaboration and joint activities for the 7th Season of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2019-20 to make the event successful for the upcoming transformation of the industry through discovering the future Transformation Leaders (TLs).

A.S.M Tareq Amin, Founder and CEO, Bangladesh Textile Today and Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, TEAM Group signed the MOU respectively on behalf of the two organizations.

Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Director, Peoples Fashion limited; Dilruba Sharmin Khan, Director, Team Group; Faruk Ahmed, Director, Team Group; Mohammad Akhtaruzzan, Director, Team Pharma; Fahmid islam, Director, Team Group; Md Motiur, Director and CEO, Twelve; Sheikh Md. Shofiqul Islam, Executive Director, Team Group; Yameen Kabir, Executive Director, Team Group; Shasuddin Ahmed, Independent Consultant, Team Group were present at the MOU singing ceremony where Amzad Hossain Monir, Marketing Manager; Muhammad Nurul Alam, Sub Editor and Nepal Nath, Executive Sales and Marketing  of Bangladesh Textile Today also attended.

This MoU has its objective of collaboration and cooperation for TTH 2019-20 between both organizations to share and exchange knowledge and information, to jointly organize the various events in the competition i.e. Campus Drive, Campus Day Competition, Audition, National Conference and Factory Engagement of the participants etc. along with different trainings, workshops and conferences aligned with the competition flow.

According to the MOU, both the parties can utilize each other’s network and resources for the development and promotion of knowledge and businesses of their members and subscribers for a remarkable contribution to the country.

TEAM Group will assist Bangladesh Textile Today to find the mentors for best 100 TLS and all kinds of supports to develop “Practically Tested Transformation Model” i.e. all kind of factory facilities end buying house support and engagements.

Tareq Amin said that Bangladesh Textile Today has taken preparation to organize Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2019-20 in a different way. The main theme of the coming session is to find out the Transformation Leaders (TLs) for the textile and apparel industry.

Abdullah Hil Rakib said in the MOU signing ceremony, “At present due to acute leadership crisis in the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry, a couple of thousands of foreign experts are working in the sector. I believe that the ‘Textile Talent Hunt’ 2019-20 of Textile Today, will discover those leaders from our universities, who will lead our RMG sector in near future. And by joining with this transformation leader finding initiative, Team Group can play a critical role in Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry.”

He also said, “I think students of all textile universities and institutes will participate in the Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2019-290 and make it successful.”

Bangladesh Textile Today

Bangladesh Textile Today, a knowledge sharing platform, is working to develop three major areas of Bangladesh Textile and Apparel industry: 1. Branding and promotion of businesses, 2. Transforming Human Capital, 3. Implementing Sustainability Management Systems through networking, training and knowledge sharing. TTH is an initiative of Bangladesh Textile Today has changed the thinking, targets and learning process is a concern of Transforming Human Capital.

TEAM Group

TEAM is a diversified business conglomerate vertically integrated Textile and Apparel manufacturing facility. It is a world class manufacturing and international sourcing supply chain management company and committed to establish an ethical business standard that promotes a safe, sustainable, and a rewarding environment.