Juba League leader Mizu took the corona vaccine in Kushtia

Kushtia Correspondent: Everyone needs to be vaccinated to stay healthy without criticizing the vaccine.

The government is vaccinating people to save their lives. The vaccine is completely safe, said Mizanur Rahman Mizu, general secretary of Kushtia Sadar Upazila Juba League, while receiving the Covit-19 Corona vaccine at the Kushtia 250-bed General Hospital at 11 am on February 20. He said Mahbubul Alam Hanif MP, joint general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, was the first to receive the corona vaccine in Kushtia. Hanif Bhai, the architect of our Kushtia development, is completely healthy.

Since then, people from different walks of life, including leaders and activists of Awami League affiliates, have been receiving the vaccine. We are receiving this vaccine to stay healthy. And encourages others to be vaccinated. Mizanur Rahman Mizu is feeling better after vaccination.

No side effects occurred. Besides, the President of Bangladesh Awami League expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina and expressed her sincere thanks. Kovit-19 vaccine has been arranged for the people of Bangladesh.

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